To carry out our vision, an integrated management system has been implemented that establishes and executes this management policy in which Sanfiz undertakes:


To the fulfillment of the legal requirements and applicable requirements with a firm commitment in the continuous improvement of the quality services offered, customer satisfaction, in the environmental management, road safety and in the safety – health of our employees.


To the protection of the environment, establishing environmental objectives, based on the protection of the environment, prevention of pollution and reasonable use of natural resources.


To the management of road safety, establishing objectives such as reducing road accidents, promoting the prevention of SV accidents, applying internal awareness programs, communication awareness and training of our workers.


To the management of occupational health and safety, establishing objectives to ensure the physical, mental and social well-being of our workers in the performance of their duties, providing them with a safe, healthy, healthy work environment, offering a planning of the surveillance of Health.  


To manage energy performance for continuous improvement in accordance with the legal requirements of the reference standard, supporting the acquisition of energy efficient products and services.


Lastly, the Management will provide the adequate resources for the correct implementation of the system, achievement of objectives and improvement. As well as guarantee the availability of information.