The mission of SANFIZ is to promote the mobility of people by means of collective bus & coach transport based on excellence, safety, environmental efficiency, technological innovation and the socio-territorial commitment of our services.


To carry out our mission we have implemented an integrated management system, based on compliance with various international standards.  For the implementation of the integrated system, the management establishes and implements the present management policy in which it commits itself:


To comply with the legal requirements and applicable requirements (in relation to service quality, environment, road safety, health and safety at work). With a firm commitment to the continuous improvement of the quality services offered, customer satisfaction, environmental management, road safety, health and safety of our employees, and efficient driving in order to achieve excellence.


Environmental protection, establishing environmental objectives based on environmental protection, pollution prevention and reasonable use of natural resources. Evaluating performance in the achievement of objectives and in the continuous awareness of employees through communication, participation, information and training in environmental protection and pollution prevention.


To the management of road safety, establishing objectives such as the reduction of accidents on the road, by promoting the prevention of accidents, applying internal programmes of awareness, communication and training of our workers. Establishing programmes to improve our fleet of vehicles in order to equip them with the latest safety systems. Through the achievement of the objectives we aim to achieve a continuous improvement of all processes in the field of road safety.


A management of occupational health and safety, establishing objectives to ensure the physical, mental and social well-being of our employees in the performance of their duties, providing them with a safe, healthy and healthy working environment and offering them a health monitoring plan.   In order to achieve the objectives of health and safety at work, the hazards and risks present in all activities and work areas will be identified with the aim of adopting preventive and control measures to prevent occupational health and safety incidents. The awareness and participation of workers will be promoted through consultation and participation programmes, information and training programmes on occupational risks and preventive measures to be adopted during the performance of their tasks in terms of occupational health and safety.


To the management of efficient driving, establishing objectives such as training and monitoring of our fleet and its drivers. Improve our sustainability by reducing our CO2 emissions to the environment. Continuous improvement processes are defined and equipment is managed to improve performance.


To manage the environmental impact of the provision of our services, quantifying and reporting greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and removals at an organisational level. Quantifying our Carbon Footprint in a closed year.


To the management of the SGEn for continuous improvement in energy performance in accordance with the legal requirements of ISO 50001 by supporting the procurement of energy efficient products and services.


To manage the different responses to emergency situations and improve our ability to act quickly and effectively.


Finally, the Management will provide adequate resources for the correct implementation of the system, achievement of objectives and improvement. It will also guarantee the availability of information.

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